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24th of August 2013
Aachen › Heerlen

First cross-border TEDx conference

TEDxEutropolis 2013 is the first cross-border TEDx conference. The event will take place in both Aachen and Heerlen on a single day.

After visiting Heerlen (2010) and Hasselt (2012), the third edition of TEDxEutropolis will be held on Saturday August 24 in Aachen and Heerlen. The theme of this TEDxEutropolis 2013 is ‘Are We Connected?’. It questions our hyper-connectivity via (social) media, trying to uncover their value and meaning through interesting talks and dialogue.

The first cross-border TEDx conference

TEDxEutropolis is a journey of ideas. This third edition will take its audience across the border. The first half of the program will take place in the city of Aachen. At lunchtime the Trans Europe Express will then take TEDx visitors to Heerlen. While enjoying lunch, visitors will cross the border into the Netherlands for the second and final part of the TEDxEutropolis event.