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24th of August 2013
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News updates

posted on September 23 2013 by Egid van Houtem
All sessions of TEDxEutropolis have found their way to the website and are there for your inspiration and enjoyment in full HD. Please...
posted on September 05 2013 by Egid van Houtem
More than 8000 views and counting for Claire Huijnen who's braveness to open as a speaker was rewarded with views on Youtube. Of course the...
posted on August 26 2013 by betawerkroot
Saturday we connected by being in a room together, dancing and listening together, we connected by travelling together, by getting inspired...
posted on August 24 2013 by Lars
We are live!Follow us here on the live feed. We have a storify-feed with all the comments and media on TEDxEutropolis. [<a href="//...
posted on August 23 2013 by Lars
Until you decide to #unplug, don't forget to install our brand new app!The TEDxEutropolis app will provide you with up-to-date information...