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24th of August 2013
Aachen › Heerlen


Anton Kusters - Photographing The Yakuza

Anton Kusters (Hasselt, BE) is a photographer and fond of long term projects. At least, he thinks he is. His very first project: a look inside a Japanese Yakuza crime family changed his life. Or maybe it did not change it. Or maybe a just little. Or maybe a lot. In his talk he will focus on  hanging in there, common sense, publishing independently, press attention, feeling lucky, and working hard. It will be About finding out what’s important. And being scared. And growing up. And making a few images along the way. Oh, and about serendipity. You know, those little moments when you suddenly realize that things are falling into place. In fact he will talk about a lot of things and show us some remarkable pictures as well.

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